• Love Each Other

  • Pursue Excellence

  • Do What’s Right

  • Follow Jesus

  • Work Hard

  • Put The Team First

  • Battle Relentlessly

  • Protect The Weaker


Our young athletes face challenges today that we didn’t face just twenty years ago.  It is increasingly difficult to find authentic models of what it means to be a man or a woman.  Students are bombarded with images of masculinity and femininity from movie stars and politicians and sports heroes.  All too often what they find leaves them without a clear vision for what it means to be a man or a woman and what it takes to become an adult who will be successful on the field of competition, and in life beyond the playing field.  We believe that sports present a unique opportunity to develop young men and women, because the same character traits that make successful athletes also help make successful men and women.  God-centered sports offer a perfect greenhouse in which to grow and develop these qualities in our student-athletes, and we are committed to doing just that! Our athletic programs will invest our time and energy in Building Champions and Winning Championships, paying careful attention to developing the total athlete.  Knowing that these athletes who have been entrusted to us are people, not just players, we will endeavor to help them grow spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

At Dayton Christian, we strive to accomplish this by holding up the Way Of The Warrior.  We will model for and instruct our students in the Way Of The Warrior, insisting that warriors:

The money raised by the Way Of The Warrior Golf Outing and Banquet will be used to teach the next generation of students to become strong men and women, using the invaluable crucible of sports.  Specifically, proceeds will be used to reduce expenses for athletes to play, enabling anyone who desires to be a part of our program to take part regardless of their financial resources, to purchase equipment and gear for the players and coaches to keep them safe and to allow them to practice excellence, and to put on programs to develop the student-athletes’ character, helping them to live lives of authentic Godly womanhood and manhood.

Would you join with us in raising up the next generation of Godly leaders?  You can do that by becoming a program sponsor, by enjoying a nice round of golf with friends, by joining us for our banquet, or by donating to our cause.  There is no greater feeling than helping set young students on the right path and watching them walk in it!  Please join us as we grow tomorrow’s leaders today!